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Graines Autofloraison Féminisées

Fast Bud #2

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Fast Bud #2 - 10 autoflowering Feminized cannabis seeds

First Fast bud's evolution.

Fast Bud #2 is an autoflowering strain wich have good yields with big buds charged with a lot of resin.

This strain produces vigorous plants with a lot of ramifications, that reach a height of 40 until 90cm.

Its effect is powerfull with sweet aromas and exotic colors that coming from its Diesel' heritage.

Autoflowering strain with a very quick blooming.


100% autoflowering

Indoor's production: 450 until 500Gr/m²

Outdoor's production: 20 until 70Gr/plant

Height: 40 until 90cm

Indoor / Outdoor harvest: 53 days after the seedling phase

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