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Sweet Tooth

Barney's Farm
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The Sweet Tooth from Barney's Farm is the result of a long selection coming from Afghan, Nepalese and Hawaiian strains.

This feminised variety, which is very famous for its high THC production, has already won 3 prizes in official competitions.

Sweet Tooth, graines féminisées from Seed Bank Barney's Farm.


The Sweet Tooth has been well known since the early 2000s and has attracted growers into its net thanks to its mass production even more than its high THC content. She won 3 successive cannabis cups.

It provides a perfectly balanced and adapted structure to best populate your indoor space where it grows to have very compact buds. Sweet Tooth flowers quickly, i.e. within 55 or 60 days of flowering, producing an extraordinary yield of very powerful buds, bursting with an enormous resin content. The branches will need to be staked in the final weeks of flowering. The harvest is very good, up to 800 gr/m2, while the maximum height of the plant is estimated at 1m40 outdoors.

The average size ranges from 65 to 75 cm indoors when the flowering stage has been declared at 20-30 cm from the plant, it has strong lateral branches supporting a large number of large, very resinous buds shining with a thousand lights at the end of flowering. We recommend 16 plants per square metre in final pots of 6 or 7 litres maximum for optimal results.

Very resistant to humidity and easy to grow, it will delight novices in cannabis growing who are looking for a variety with a decent production, as well as its tranquilising and relaxing effect which also has the capacity to awaken the brain. This feminised plant gives off sweet flavours of ripe mango and grapefruit, it is sweet and earthy at the same time, Sweet Tooth is particularly pleasant to consume, with both stoned and high effects.

THC levels
CBD level
Genetic type
Prédominance Indica
Stone / High
Minimum day of bloom
Maximum blooming day
Min indoor production /m².
Max indoor production /m².
Production Élevée
Outdoor size
Taille moyenne
Flowering time
Floraison Moyenne
Outdoor harvesting month
Octobre , Novembre
Fruité , Terreux
Seed Bank
Barney's Farm

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